Novelty Telephones

novelty telephones

Novelty Mickey Mouse Telephone

Are you looking to replace your boring old phone with something unique and fun? Then, you will love all of the novelty telephones featured on this page. There are telephones listed here for both adults and kids. These corded phones are available in so many styles, you are sure to find the perfect phone for yourself or for gift-giving.

Some of the novelty phones you will find here include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Betty Boop, Spongebob, The Simpsons, Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney Cars, Disney Princess, Elvis Presley, Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, Hello Kitty, M & M Candy, Scooby Doo, Winnie the Pooh, Motorcycles, Classic Cars and many more. There are also truly unique telephones such as Hot Lips, Hamburgers, French Fries, Coke Cans, Budweiser Cans, Iced Tea Cans, Wine Bottles/Glasses as well as classic 1950’s Crosely style phones.

Telemania carries a wonderful line of unique telephones. Some of the novelty telephones include Hot Lips, Mickey Mouse, USS Enterprise, Harley Davidson Fat Boy, Barbie Twist N’ Turn, Dodge Viper, Snoopy, Minnie Mouse, Scooby Doo, KISS, Goofy, The Simpsons, Winnie the Pooh, Locomotive, Mustang, Betty Boop, Disney Princess, Corvette, Shrek, Coca-Cola, Spiderman and more.

If you are looking for a retro style telephone, you will love these telephones from Crosley . The telephones available include Kettle Desk Phones, Wall Phones, 1950’s Pay Phones, Candlestick Phones, Princess Phones, Antique Wall Phones and more. These vintage, rotary dial telephones will remind you of days gone by and will add a wonderful nostalgic look to your home. They are also available in a nice assortment of colors and finishes to coordinate with your room decor.

Novelty Lounge Pants for Men


Star Wars Lounge Pants

Who doesn’t like a comfy pair of pants? This pajama shop carries a large assortment of fun and unique novelty lounge pants for men.  There are many different styles and designs of novelty lounge pants to chose from including cartoon & television characters, rock bands, pirates, camouflage, sports, humorous, plus many more. These lounge pants would also make a great gift.  Some of the characters include Spongebob, Angry Birds, Family Guy, DC Comics, Star Wars, Iron Man, Smurfs, Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes, Phineas and Ferb, The Simpsons, South Park, The Muppets and more.

Web Undies offers a full  line of unique and fun lounge pants for menCrazy for Bargains is another wonderful resource available for men’s lounge pants. Both of these companies offer high quality pants that you will love.  They also make great gifts for Father’s Day, Birthdays and the Holidays.


Novelty Clocks for Home or Office

novelty clocks

Star Wars Unique Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Are you looking for a unique clock to add some fun to your home or office? Then you have come to the right place! This page will highlight a wonderful assortment of novelty clocks to spruce up your décor. Not a morning person? Then, check out the fun alarm clocks on this page. They will put some excitement into your morning wake up call and help to ease you out of bed. There are so many clocks here that you are sure to find the perfect clock for yourself or for that one of a kind gift! The clock pictured below is a gorgeous dog breed theme clock. This clock comes in almost every dog breed imaginable and would make a wonderful gift for yourself or for someone on your gift giving list. These handmade clocks feature a working pendulum which is the tail of the dog.

Allen Designs offers a wonderful line of whimsical and unique clocks for your home or office. The clocks are crafted from hand painted resin and have a fun swinging pendulum. Some of the clock designs include trains, cats, owls, tea & coffee, wine, flowers, dogs, airplanes, horses, fish, ocean life, moose, turtles, vintage cameras, alligators, penguins, sock monkeys, chickens, peacocks, frogs, birds, hearts, robots, cows, bears, taxi cabs, elephants, cupcakes, nautical, ladybugs, fireman, apples, clowns, ballerinas and many more.

The retro neon clocks feature round clock faces as well as guitar shaped faces .  The neon clocks designs available include American Flag, Coca-Cola, Bud Light, Chevy, Tires, Harley Davidson, It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere, Budweiser, Coors Light, Route 66, John Deere, Hot Rod Garage, College Universities, NFL Football Teams, Miller Lite, Toy Story, Marvel Comics, Dart Board, Ford, Billiards, Camaro, Corvette, Aquarium, Betty Boop, Man Cave, MLB Baseball Teams and more.

novelty clocks

Unique Dog Breed Swinging Clock

The vinyl record clocks are crafted from neglected LP records giving them a chance to shine again as a novelty wall clock. All clocks are made using vintage 12″ albums with the orignal artist label intact. The numerical figures are laser cut into the album. Some of the vinyl record clocks include the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rock Genre, Jazz Genre, Pop Genre, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, RUSH, Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, The Police and more.

Vandor offers a full line of vintage, pop culture clocks.  Some of the clock designs include I Love Lucy, Betty Boop, Snoopy, Star Wars, the Beatles, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Star Trek, Spiderman, KISS, Elvis Presley, Sesame Street, Muhammad Ali, James Dean, Justice League, Barbie, Wizard of Oz, Audrey Hepburn and Superman.

Westland also offers a nice selection of retro, pop culture clocks. Some of the clock designs include Snoopy on the Doghouse, The Flintstones, Star Trek, Wizard of Oz, Thor, Captain America, Betty Boop, Superman, DC Comics, Batman, The Incredible Hulk and Looney Tunes.

These miniature clocks are available in many unique designs. Some of the clock styles include a barbeque grill, robot, laptop computer, guitar, camera, lipstick, boombox radio, vintage gas pump, Union Jack sporty go-cart, bottle of champagne, oil tanker, red telephone box, exercise bike, motorcycle, pink cat, airplane, trophy, old fashioned television, fire engine, golf cart, vintage film roll, jet ski, golf club bag, football cleat, scooter, London bus, drum set and helicopter.

novelty clocks

Large Selection of Unique Clocks available on Zazzle!