saltThis pages features a large selection of novelty salt and pepper shakers. Some of the unique salt and pepper shakers on this page include magnetic shakers, ceramic shakers and whimsical shakers and holders. If you are decorating your table for the Holidays and are in the market for a seasonal shaker, you will find many salt and pepper shakers for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patricks Day and more. Whether you are an avid collector or are just looking for a unique shaker for your home décor, you are sure to find something here.

Magnetic salt and pepper shakers, also referred to as “kissing salt and pepper shakers”, are very popular and they come in many fun styles. Some of the magnetic salt and pepper shakers include Peanuts, Snoopy, Wizard of Oz, Dog Breeds, Bride & Groom,Betty Boop, Fashion, Hippie, Marilyn Monroe, Gone with the Wind, I Love Lucy, Popeye, Sports, Sea Life, Occupations,  Elvis Presley, Disney and more. There are also many Holiday salt and pepper shakers for Christmas, Elves, Reindeer, Thanksgiving Pilgrims, Leprechaun, Pot of Gold, St. Patrick’s Day, Nutcrackers, Halloween, Black Cats and Pumpkins.

The novelty salt and pepper shakers available from Grasslands includes a grill, lobster & crabs, monster mash eyeballs, ladybugs, ketchup & mustard, picnic table, Holidays, wheelbarrow with fruits and veggies, owls, bubble fish and more.

The unique salt and pepper shaker styles available from Boston Warehouse included footballs, baseballs, skulls, picnic ants, kittens, penguins, ladybugs, American flag, flamingos, cows, Christmas, mouse and cheese, smiley faces, corn on the cob, squirrels, grill, hamburger/cheeseburger, pumpkins and more.